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Re: Translated Documents

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 06:38:32PM -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
> Hello all!
> I feel DDP is a lot deficient on i18n... although many manuals
> are translated in many languages (network admin's manual, for example
> has a russian translation), there's no mention of it in the page...

	There are usually two problems:
1.- the translation does not compile or is written on doctyp !=
2.- the maintaner of the documents has not added rules in the Makefile of
the DDP CVS in order to compile the translation and publish it in the
directory along with the english one.

> months, even produced some (in portuguese only, yet...) and
> although there's a mention about our DDP-BR, it would be very
> hard for a brazillian user to find our documents....

	The spanish team does add some documents (written only in spanish)
in the debian.org/international/Spanish page under the
debian.org/international/spanish/contrib directory. That's a possible
solution to publish documents outside of the DDP.

> I would like to ask to put links on every document we have a
> pt_BR translation to in that document entry... should I?
> We should consider ways of improving this but I would like to
> do that while there's no other "fix".
> I am not quite used to the way ddp is handled, yet... what's
> that webpages directory I got from CVS? The old pages?

	Yes. The DDP pages are now in the WWW CVS IIRC (doc/ subdir).
However, the DDP CVS has the manuals and the rules to compile/publish them.

> I think we should have a page for each document, from wich
> one could get every format we could produce with debiandoc...
> for an example, see: 
> http://debian-br.sourceforge.net/view.php?doc=apt-howto-en
> you may replace "apt-howto-en" with "maint-guide" and many
> others... there you have info about the doc and may get it
> in .sgml, .html.tar.gz, .ps, .txt, etc... I just don't know
> how this could be done with wml =( the right way, I mean...

	Ok. I agree the DDP needs to be shaved a bit, but you can take a
look on how to publish translations the way the securing-howto is build (I
copied it from some other document, was it the maint-guide?).
	You have to

a) add a proper Makefile (you have some examples available in the DDP)
to build the english/other language sources
b) check that all versions are compiled and that do so correctly
c) check that publishing does so with all compiled in b)
d) modify the DDP www pages (doc/ddp) in order to add the links to
translations to the proper file (admin, user..)

	Yes, this could be automated a little more, the Debian French team
has a simple script they can use as a database of translations and version
checks which I also adopted for the Spanish team (check the CVS sources of
international/french and international/spanish, there's a ltcp.pl file there
IIRC). But no one has had time to build a similar thing for all the DDP (I
have it in my TODO but it's a long list).



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