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Re: New Debian book copylefted

Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> wrote:
> Michael Stutz wrote:
> >I want the DDP to know about my new book, The Linux Cookbook, which is
> >a user's guide to getting everyday work done with a Debian GNU/Linux
> >system.
> >
> >The hardcopy book is available through No Starch Press,
> ><http://www.nostarch.com/~lcbk>, and the sources are available online
> >at <http://dsl.org/cookbook/>.
> >
> Nice work, I think I'll buy a paper copy for my lab.

Thanks. I appreciate the support.

>    2. In the networking section, you recommend the use of telnet to
>       connect to remote hosts, without mentioning that it sends
>       passwords in the clear, and I don't see ssh anywhere in that
>       section (just kerberized telnet).

This is a really good idea. At the time when I wrote that section, the
only available ssh was non-free, but now that OpenSSH is available,
I'll include it in the next edition.

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