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Re: installation instructions

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 11:20:46AM -0700, Andrew T. Young wrote:
> I have a 486 running Slackware with the Linux 1.2.9 kernel.  As this is getting
> rather long in the tooth, I'd like to migrate to a more modern kernal, and your
> current stable version is an attractive possibility.
> The problem is that this is nether an "upgrade" in the sense you use the term,
> nor a "new" installation.  I have a couple of 360MB disk partitions available,
> but don't want to clobber my existing system until I'm sure the new software
> works.

It seems you want to create a dual boot system.  During install, you
can specify which partitions you want to use for Debian.  Once you feel
confident with the debian system, you could e.g. use your old Slackware
home partitions.

The debian installation process doesn't touch any partition unless
explicitly given permission to do so.



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