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Re: How do I get New Maintainer's Guide + Perl Policy in ASCII, ps or pdf?

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 01:37:38AM +0200, Peter Finderup Lund wrote:
> In the meantime I've tried to install the debiandoc-sgml version in
> unstable by (all as root) :
>  o making a backup copy of /etc/apt/sources.list
>  o inserting a deb-src line pointing to an unstable repository.  Using
> deb-src should be safe.
>  o apt-get update
>  o apt-get --compile source debiandoc-sgml
> This should have created a deb file that could be installed on a stable
> system.

Replace "should" with "could" :) The packages in unstable are fine-tuned for
unstable, which can make them work improperly on stable. In practice, most
of them work with little or no modification on stable, though.

> firefly@sortesarah:~/legeplads/debpol/debian-policy$ debiandoc2latexps policy.sgml 
> nsgmls:policy.sgml:4:45:E: cannot find "version.ent"; tried "version.ent", "/usr/local/share/sgml/version.ent", "/usr/local/lib/sgml/version.ent", "/usr/lib/sgml/version.ent"

This happens because the version.ent file is automatically generated by
the makefile, and default one doesn't exist. Try using make.

> saspconvert: policy.sgml:4577 (input line 9088): identifier `config files' is undefined
> This looks to me like an sgml file that is not quite in a consistent
> state, which is ok, given that it's a CVS snapshot :)

Looks that way, yes... someone used &config files; or something like that (?)

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