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Install and Release Notes minor LaTeX problem


 I am making printouts of the Debian Release Notes and Installation
Manual. My general course of action is

$ (get newest (potato) boot-floppies from cvs)
$ cd boot-floppies/documentation
$ make uni-docs                         => install.en.tex
$ debiandoc2latex release-notes.sgml    => release-notes.tex

 The resulting LaTeX sources, however, have the "overfull hbox"
problem, which leads to most of the (rather long) URLs given in the
document(s) to be cut off. Using /sloppy helps for some, but not all

 I suppose this is a problem either with the sgml source or with
debiandoc2latex (or it is not a problem, but a feature). I could not
find any hints however at obvious places, nor any open bug for

 Maybe someone knows some quick workaround (other than editing the
source by hand every time), or the LaTeX Source ought to be produced
some other way?

Thanks in advance,


P.S.: I currently read debian-cd, but not debian-doc. Please CC mails to me.
Stephan A Suerken <absurd@olurdix.de>

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