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securing-debian patch, how to submit?

I tried to submit a patch to the author of this document some weeks
ago but have received no acknowledgement and the changes don't seem to
have made it into the most recent version of this document, either.

I can not guarantee that I would be able to contribute in the future,
so I'd rather not request CVS write access at this point (although
I've been tempted to, more than once) if I can just send in a diff
against the version which is still up at joker.rhwd.de.

... and which is still linked to from the most recent development
version, which is a bug IMHO -- if the Joker version is not "official"
and maintained etc then it should be taken down or at least not linked
to from the official version.

I'll not be responding to mail because I'm going on vacation, but I
wanted to send in this before I left, because otherwise I'll forget.
I look forward to reading your response when I get back.

In the event that you want to have a look at the patch in the
meantime, it's up at <http://www.iki.fi/era/securing-patch.txt> --
I'll remove it from there when I get back, though.

/* era */

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mailing list.

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