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Re: I Wanted hel whit the New open firmwire

Maybe it's just because it's Sunday... could somebody translate this?

Sorry about this.

On Saturday 23 June 2001 21:17, daniel wrote:
> Good by where beginning the truth wanted that they helped me since does
> some you gave intale the mac you 9.1 and in transit bring up to date the
> open firmwire to the version 4.1.7 and to begin does not permit me to
> install linux presionando the tecla c upon seeming the open firmwire comes
> with some proteccion or something asi which does not permit me to begin to
> install linux wanted to know if they can help meTime you they know
> something I have an iMac G3 to 350 Mhz, operating system mac you 9.1 in
> Spaniard, the version of open firmwire of apple 4.1.7, 320 Mb of RAM.
> My e-mail is acdaniel@prodigy.net.mx

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