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I Wanted hel whit the New open firmwire

Good by where beginning the truth wanted that they helped me since does some
you gave intale the mac you 9.1 and in transit bring up to date the open
firmwire to the version 4.1.7 and to begin does not permit me to install
linux presionando the tecla c upon seeming the open firmwire comes with some
proteccion or something asi which does not permit me to begin to install
linux wanted to know if they can help meTime you they know something I have
an iMac G3 to 350 Mhz, operating system mac you 9.1 in Spaniard, the version
of open firmwire of apple 4.1.7, 320 Mb of RAM.

My e-mail is acdaniel@prodigy.net.mx 

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