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Re: Alpha install page on Debian website is in Slovenian

On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 07:59:50AM -0700, Leston Buell wrote:
> > Try hitting the 'Return' key -- hard -- several times in succession.
> > I believe that this is the prescribed method for people in your situation.
> I suppose that means that anyone stupid enough not to want to read 
> release notes in Slovenian or stupid enough to suggest that there's an 
> error to be fixed on the Debian site is too stupid to be visiting the 
> Debian site in the first place. Since i fell into both of these 
> pitfalls, i guess i'm just doubly stupid.
> Hanging my heavy head laden with shame, excuse me now while i go sob 
> into sunset.

Please ignore the flames, lots of people stumble into pages in the wrong
languages, the system is imperfect. We're working on it.

BTW that documentat was Slovak, not Slovenian :)

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