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Re: Alpha install page on Debian website is in Slovenian

Martin WHEELER wrote:

Hmm.  Interesting, that.  What makes you think that the default
language of any global information delivery system should automatically
be the one you would like it to be?

And BTW -- have you informed your web browser of this fact?

This seems to either have been fixed on the site or fixed by updating my version of Mozilla. Now i am getting the English page for this URL.

It is interesting just how carefully one must word a message to escape the danger of being branded anglocentric. I would be perfectly happy if the default language on the Debian site were Slovenian (which, i might point out, i was able to correctly identify), although i'd personally prefer Arabic, a language i have taught at the university level, or Esperanto, Spanish, French, or Swahili, all languages in which i have considerable competence due to my profession as a theoretical linguist. (Utasema "Haiwezekani. Yule mpumbavu hasemi Kiswahili kabisa!" Lakini ni kweli, Bwana.) My point was that the links be consistent; a link from a Slovenian page should point to a Slovenian page, but a link from an English page should be in English (if the relevant page has been translated into English).

I would like to point out that the de facto default language for Linux documentation is, in fact, English. (And when was the last time you saw a programming language whose syntax used words of a language other than English?) I would personally prefer it be something else.

> Did you try explicitly saying so?  (In the URL you gave your browser?)

Yes, i did, although i may have put the "en" in the wrong part of the URL.

Try hitting the 'Return' key -- hard -- several times in succession.
I believe that this is the prescribed method for people in your situation.

I suppose that means that anyone stupid enough not to want to read release notes in Slovenian or stupid enough to suggest that there's an error to be fixed on the Debian site is too stupid to be visiting the Debian site in the first place. Since i fell into both of these pitfalls, i guess i'm just doubly stupid.

Hanging my heavy head laden with shame, excuse me now while i go sob into sunset.


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