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Re: "Man Pages Project"?

* martedì 15 maggio 2001, alle 15:14, Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier wrote:
>> 1) the project did not exist, and it was only the effect of my daily dose of
>>    cat-grass... [1]
> I'm not going to ask... :) 

It is not illegal, it is not immoral... and it does not give you dependency.
It is also open-source, provided you have a DNA analyzer.
>> Can somebody enlighten me on this topic? 
> I'm not sure if it's a project as such - IIRC it was a list of the various
> commands/programs that SHOULD have man pages, but don't. 

Yes, it was that project I was looking for :)
I would like to give a hand, since I hate not being able to find manpages on
my system. (man program or man configfile is always faster than cding the
right directory, giving a less, or even worse studying how to use info to
read info documentation :p) 
Davide Inglima, limaCAT

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