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Corrections to /doc/devel-manuals

I don't know which package to file a bug against, so I'll just drop
some comments here.

Debian Policy Manual:

  CVS sources working copy should say:

    Login to the CVS server using the command:

      cvs :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-policy login

    and just press enter when you are asked for a password.
    To check out the sources, use the command:

      cvs :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-policy co debian-policy

  Ideally, the anonymous login shouldn't require a password (note it's
  using the :pserver: protocol, not :ext:), but there's a problem with
  the CVS system on klecker at present, so we have to use this

Debian Packaging Manual

  This section should be removed entirely for the time being; it's
  just confusing.

Debian Developer's Reference

  The "Released version" appears to be newer than the "development
  version" ;-)  (See the dates at the bottom of the pages.)




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