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Re: Help wanted: Cannot use 'man' cmd


  with all due respect Wichert,
  i.e. i'm not saying i know better than you,
  i run as root nearly always and man has worked without any problem.
  i have frequently used it, directly and as input to a pipe.
  what problem should i have that i haven't ?
  is this a bug ?
  ( i ran man from  debian 2.0.36 , dont know version of man,  am mailing from
windows )

  hey Guenther,
  did you get man working already ?
  if not, then you might do
    man man > somefile
    (where somefile is a file that already exists and permits write to everybody)

    and then read the file with an editor.
  it is crude but it works.
  i use this often myself,
    except that i pass  the output from man to a small program that
      converts man page to normal text,
    so i dont have to do that by hand.
  it's great for writing notes in the manual.

  have fun !


Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Guenter Millahn wrote:
> > myhost# man ls
> > man: can't create a temporary filename: Permission denied
> Don't run man as root, that doesn't work.
> Wichert.
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