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Re: Well done on new devel pages

>> Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

 > And lynx isn't? (If so, how come?)

 Blind users depend on having a screen that is more or less "static".
 Picture yourself reading single lines, one character at a time[0].  You
 can probably reach a very simple conclusion without much effort, namely
 scrolling up and down is (in general) not a problem, but scrolling left
 and right (which links and w3m do more often than not if the page makes
 heavy use of tables to achieve visual effects) is.  When you scroll up
 and down you have a definite (and possibly small) number of places
 where new information is popping up.  If you scroll left and right, you
 have to read every single line on the screen again.  The other problem
 with w3m and links is the way they render tables, they do it too well.
 They do it so well that you can recognize the visual structure without
 much effort.  Iff you can see it all at once.  Again, if you have to
 read one line at a time and there are no separators besides whitespace,
 it's very hard for you to figure out this visual structure.  Blind
 people can do it (they can make sense out of very complex pictures if
 presented in a suitable way), but only slowly.

 [0] Yes, I know that not every output device for blind people works
     this way, but the one I've seen in use does, and AFAIUI, this kind
     of output device is common for blind people.

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