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Re: Effective sharing of debian-related information

	Yes, it seems that slashdot way of sharing information has been
mirrored worldwide, I'm not sure, however that it does not overlap
with mailing lists. 
	I think information sources like debianplanet/debianhelp/linuxcare
should be more integrated/recommended in Debian. The "community" idea
provided by slashdot's (and similar software) 'sections' has gotten a lot of
widespread audience. Take, for example barrapunto.com, the spanish side of
slashdot, it has a Debian community, and some issues discussed there are
very interesting.

	I also think Debian (and this is left to the doc/www group I guess)
should made a strong move towards this kind of efforts. Yes, the Debian
FAQ-o-matic is nice, but it has not exploded like other media has.

	I said we move from:

	mailing list -> FAQ o matic -> unofficial/development documentation
(DDP) -> official documentation

	to the following documentation cycle:

	mailing list -> slashdot-like community -> unofficial/development
documentation -> official documentation.

	I say we could:

a) talk with debianhelp to have them be http://www.debian.org/help,
maybe bring the resources to our machines?

b) talk to linuxcare for them to be


Build up our own slashcode box for w.d.o/help or w.d.o/community. 
This brings up a problem with mirrors, however, due to the fact that there
should be only one place to update/contribute to this information. Mirrors
should only have static information.



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