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Re: news from lost+found

i'll take a shot at that one.
"S. Champ" wrote:
> what exactly is lost+found for? (e.g.: how does something get put there?)
> thanks.
> -- s.c.


occasional filesystem / harddisk scans go nosing about to confirm
the drive's health & such, and when an orphaned cluster or two
are found here and there--i.e. it looks like it should be a file
but nothing points to it--it gets re-assigned to that partition's
'lost+found' directory.

as to which utilities, i don't know specifically; as to how
a block or file can get orphaned, just think about all those
windows crashes and pretend that debian can fail like that.

at least, that's my understanding of 'lost+found'. i could be wrong.


Their is five errers in this sentance.

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