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Re: Release Notes patch

> - Included sparc stuff (Ben, please check if I've got it correct;
>   you may want to wait for it to appear on CVS)

The sparc stuff is fine. However, I still believe you should have people
simply upgrade apt/dpkg implicitly from the CD's before doing a full
upgrade, as opposed to having them install static versions.

For sparc atleast this needs to be said, mainly because your intructions
ask them to do the exect thing that you claim is the reason for installing
the latest potato static versions (broken apt multi CD dependency chains).
The upgrade should go somewhat like:

1) install the latest version of slink apt/dpkg from CD 1 in

2) Keeping CD 1 in the driver, run apt-cdrom

3) Run "apt-get install apt dpkg". This will upgrade dpkg/apt and
   everything that it depends on

4) Run "apt-get -u dist-upgrade"

Upgrade done. Not my call, just my opinion. Like I said, for sparc it has
to be that way because they are not installing static potato versions.

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