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Release Notes patch

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Josip Rodin wrote:

> On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 10:55:24PM +0200, J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> > I'll give it a try to describe things in my "upcoming" patch. Then you can
> > correct my probably-incorrect version. Maybe things work better that way.
> Patches are welcome, of course.

Attached.  A unified diff this time against the CVS version of this morning,
however doesn't really make it much smaller ;-)

Major topics (for the CVS log ;-):
- Included sparc stuff (Ben, please check if I've got it correct;
  you may want to wait for it to appear on CVS)
- Removed entire upgrade chapter for powerpc and arm since they don't have
  any upgrading at all.
- Extended apt setup stuff. I think this is _very_ important for first-time
  apt users, since the manpages aren't quite helpful. (And we don't
  want users to refer to manpages anyway; if we wanted, a single reference
  would be enough for the entire upgrade section ;-)
  -> Please do not delete anything there!
- Added a few issues that were reported to me via other channels
- A reference at the end that kernel is not upgraded (report of this morning)
- A great many updates to make the text more readable. Esp. converting the
  "telegram style" (is that english word? stop. ;-) to "normal" text,
  and a few back/forward references to make clear that things were/will be
  discussed already/soon.
  (Documentation is usually regarded as reflecting the quality of the
  item, so if the docs are lacking words, the item is lacking features ;-)
- Put together the three `hold'-related paragraphs which were separated
  by `su' and `script'; moved those up a bit.
- Emacs seems to indent examples as well, which is bad.

Futher details of changes are in <!-- comments -->.
Also added a lot of comments to point out the intention of that particular
piece (like in C); those are not meant to be removed.

Oh, and one more thing I just think about now (not in the patch):
  ...using dselect or another visual frontend. In the dselect [S]elect screen,
  ...using dselect or another visual frontend. In dselect, you first have to
  choose `apt' as the [A]ccess method, and [U]pdate dselect's database with
  the new packages information. Then in the [S]elect screen, press...

(Otherwise things will go _way_ wrong there...)

  Anne Bezemer

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