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Re: volunteer

On Sun, May 21, 2000 at 11:11:24PM -0500, w trillich wrote:
>     b. newbie links:
>         - debian faq / faq-o-matic
>         - debian / linux glossary
>         - where/how to download debian
>         - will debian work on my hardware? [ports]
>             - i386
>             - powerpc
>             - sparc
>             etc

A one thought from me. Those who have non-i386 hardware and want to try
linux are very rarely newbies. 99% newbie users come from MS Windows.
Those who come from other Unices have enought clue to find what they want.

Anyway, It might be nice to list modems and printers that won't work with
Debian and point where to find binary modules for them if such exist.

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