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README in / of debian cd's.

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dear sirs.

there are currrently 8 README files on a debian potato cd.
none of the README files is helpfull.

i strongly recommend to have exacly one README in the root
of the cd image, and have only pointer to other documentations
in there.

for example.
Welcome to Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 "Potato"

Information on severel subject has been placed in several locations:

	What is this cdrom, this software ?

	You want to manufacute copies of this cdrom ?

	Documentation about installing Debian GNU/Linux and/or
	upgrading from an older version. Choose your language:

	text file	web page		language
	install.en.txt	install.en.html		english
	install.de.txt	install.de.html		deutsch
	...		...			...

	The files on this cdrom are also available on the Internet
	via ftp:// and http:// and other protocols.
	Here is a list of servers with this software, all around
	the world. Please you the machine next to you.

	Cryptografik software like PGP may miss on this cdrom,
	so the cd can be exported from the USA.
	We call those software "non-US" because of the U.S. export
	restrictions you can download that software from the internet.
	This file contains a list of servers with this software.

	Structure of this cdrom. You guide to find software
	or documents somewhere located on this cdrom.


also i recommend:
install/ should have a README with "documentation is in doc/".
install/rawrite2.txt reads like a changelog. note usefull here.
	does this still work with win95, win98, win98se,
	win NT or win 2000 ? i guess not. 

	and todays user don't have a dos with a cdrom driver.

	on the other hand a small delphi written app or even a batch
	file with "we will know create a boot cd. do you want to continue ?
	please insert a disk labled "debian gnu/linux 2.2 "potato" rescue
	disk". and so on, that might help much more.

"rescue.bin", "root.bin" and "linux" 
the first is a disk image (better name: *.img ?), the second a raw ext2 
or minix filesystem (better name: *.fs ? rootfs.dat ?) and the third is
a kernel image (better name: vmlinuz, bzImage, zImage ?).

i strongly suggest better names.

upgrading: the install.de.txt does not know about upgrading. there should
be some text. ("don't use your old apt. don't use dpkg-multicd. please
install to the latest apt for debian gnu/linux 2.1 "slink" found in /update,
and then use the apt method with apt-cdrom to update your system.... or so..

i hope this helps, it's all i can do to help.

regards, andreas

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