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Re: Debian Tutorial.

hehe oops, I guess I fell behind I came back to find the cvs path.  as
Someone last time was nice enough to move my change over to a different
place, and my script doesn't appear to have been updated. :)

I guess I need to go forth and work on something else.

I guess Ivan wants me to work on his net admin guide or whatever, so off I

Unless anyone tells me different, I will be moving my work away from the
tutorial and onto one of ivan's projects.  I'm going on a plande trip this
friday, so hopefully ivan can get me the latest release of the doc he
wants me to work on, and what he wants worked on by then.

Maybe I should check this mail more often.  oops!


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> It's published by New Riders, the authors listed are John Goerzen and
> Ossama Othman (much of it is from the tutorial though). I don't know if
> they are actively maintaining an online version or taking patches; I guess
> if they aren't then that maintenance work needs to be done, based on their
> book. However, I don't have time to do it. :-( You may want to ask them.
> If there's no maintainer I'd suggest working with the Open Source Writers
> Group (www.oswg.org) which seems to be replacing the Linux Documentation
> Project. Should also talk to the Debian doc project of course.
> ----------- End quote ----------------

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