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Re: Bug#52488: maint-guide can't be purged properly due to a .dhelp file

Marco Budde wrote:
> Sorry, but you are 100% wrong. .dhelp files are static files.
> dhelp does not change, create, modify, ... them.
> Some maintainers use doc-base and this is the real problem,
> because this program creates such .dhelp files during
> the installation process of a package.
> To avoid such problems in future: use dhelp directly.

Marco, you persist in this belive that people should use dhelp directly.
However, it is generally accepted consensus amoung the project for several
years that doc-base is the unifying means of registering debian
documentation (that is why doc-base was introduced in the first place). I
realize that you have profound philosophical objections to doc-base's
design, and that you have a vested interest (and presumably, pride) in
dhelp, as its author.

However, your continued insistence that dhelp be the one true documentation
system for debian is flying in the face of the consensus of the rest of the
project. Your continued unwillingness to make modifications to dhelp to
allow it to integrate cleanly with doc-base and to comply is helping either.

Currently, we have a big gaping hole where we should have a unified
documentation system, and you just arn't helping one bit.

see shy jo

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