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Re: Doc languages

On Sun, Oct 03, 1999 at 02:23:01PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Unfortunately, what we need to do is press for the dpkg features that
> we're going to need, since this may take a long time to actually
> appear.  Someone needs to formulate this list and make sure the
> debian-dpkg and the herring lists (new dpkg) are aware of our needs.
> Possible set of new dpkg needs:
>   * ability to filter files installed by path glob or regexp
>     (i.e., don't install /usr/share/man/ja* or whatever)

This one is a must, not only for I18N. Helas, it's also the harder
to implement (and I would prefer to see versionized depends first ;)
Maybe should will based it on dpkg-divert with a special /dev/null
diversion target and a pre-hook that list the content of the
to-be-installed packages (just like debconf parse all packages first),
than dpkg-divert --erase those ones matching the regexp rules?
So, it seems feasible to me.

>   * ability to comprehend a new package state, "installed properly but
>     some files removed" (do we need this?)

Why? Maybe just a way to check that the file lists is different
than what really install. Using dpkg-divert --list --erase should
do the work.

>   * ability to reinstall "some files removed" pacakges when the
>     file-system based removal scheme changes

Simply reinstall the packages? We should be able to list all files
removed, check them against the new regexp rules, find the packages
that has files that no more matche the regexp and ask apt/dpkg to
reinstall them. Not a dpkg job, IMHO.

> Any other features?

A good debconf scripts to manipulate the configuration?

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