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Doc languages

Hi all,

The list of requirements for figuring out what languages to install
and what to do under various install, delete, change, purge, update,
and so forth situations looks really great!  I'm pleased to see such
progress, even if it's just in establishing what the objectives are.

Just in case anyone out there still doesn't understand why installing
all the languages can be a problem, I offer the following and hope I
don't sound like I'm beating a dead horse:

I just looked at directory usage (du) of my /usr/docs (which appears
to be all English) and it's 42 megs (almost all gz'ed).  Since my
maximum available Linux hard drive space is approximately 600 megs
(yeah, I'm considering getting another hard drive for Xmas and
birthday, but not yet), this means that having to install 14 languages
would completely fill my hard disk with documentation and no room left
for programs.

Wyn Snow

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