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Re: Installing many languages of docs

Wyn Snow <dragonscale@berkshire.net> writes:

> I'm happy with any system that doesn't insist that I install all the
> languages of the docs.  Installing all of them first and then erasing
> what I don't need doesn't work for me either.

Well, it's a good suggestion.  Hopefully we can start working on this
sort of problem in earnest after potato releases.

Post-installation removal of certain documentation based on language
must be based either on known conventions of file name, in some cases,
and in other cases, a metadata system which identifies the language of

The metadata system we have now in doc-base isn't rich enough for
this, unfortunately, but there is a plan for beefing this up, which
however has been in my lap for over a year now and I haven't made
great progress.  Again, I hope to pick this up right after potato

As for postinstallation removal, that also requires that the "hooks"
mechanism of dpkg be added.  Not sure what the prospects of this ever
happening are.  Nightly cron jobs might be an okay comprimise.

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