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Polish translation of Debian Installation guide


I am the coordinator of Polish translation of Debian web pages, and I'm NOT
a Debian developer. (As it seems it would be difficult to become one during
this year :( )
I have talked to many Polish Linux users, and what most of them say is that
Debian is thought to be the best (in terms of quality) distribution, but is
difficult to install and maintain. This, and the fact that few Poles speak
English convinced me to make an effort to translate the Debian Installation
Guide to Polish, since it would be useful to quite a large number of people
I have read-write permission to whole Debian web (wml) tree, but could not
find the guide there...

So my request is: could someone point me to where to start? Preferably Could
someone mail me the manual/guide (whatever its name :) in "apropiate" format
and after I have translated it - put it in the suitable place?
I do not want to wait to become a Debian developer since the process seems
lengthly to me, and I would like to do the translation as soon as possible
As i can remember, i already have a translated copy of some old version of
the manual - i had translated it once as a part of the "Linux Installation
and Getting Started Guide" some year ago.

thank you,



Marcin Owsiany

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