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[New maintainer] Working for Debian is not just about packages

Would any of you who are clamouring to become maintainers like to consider

I know it's boring, but it is also essential.  We have lots of documentation
but its integration is rather patchy and there are plenty of gaps.

The Debian Documentation Project needs a new co-ordinator, because the
present one (me) is too busy with earning a living to do the job 

The carrot is that a volunteer for this job does not necessarily have to
be already a maintainer.  The DDP is maintained by a CVS tree and I give
write access to anyone who is serious about contributing to the documentation.

These days, that's all I have time to do.  I keep asking for volunteers
to replace me, but they just don't seem to come.

The DDP co-ordinator ought to be getting people to work on the various
documentation, ensuring that documentation gets linked up with the LDP
books, getting packages made (is the Debian Tutorial a package yet?).

There's a great deal that could be done, and it will make a great
difference to the public image of the Debian Project, so step up and

Your Project needs You!

The DDP pages are at <http://www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp>; there is a
Documentation mailing list: debian-doc@lists.debian.org.

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