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away for 9 weeks and related info


The next 9 weeks I'm in the USA.  The first 6 weeks for work at the
Lucent site in Naperville/Lisle, IL; the last 3 weeks for vacation of
which the last 2 in San Francisco/Monterey.

I've setup my debian accounts to be able to maintain my packages for
at least the first 6 weeks.  I'll let know how about the last 3 weeks.

I only unsubscribed from the major (w.r.t. volume) mailing lists, but
will follow them via the web archive.  If you want to email me, please
use my work address (arangelrooij@lucent.com) or my debian address,
which is forwarded to my work address, (ardo@debian.org).

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: avrangel@flevonet.nl, ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://www.tip.nl/users/ardo.van.rangelrooij
PGP fp:     3B 1F 21 72 00 5C 3A 73  7F 72 DF D9 90 78 47 F9

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