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Re: CVS access to the documentation project

Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
  >	I will like to have CVS r/w access to the DDP server. The reason?
  >	I am finishing my final examns and have some translated
  >documentation (mostly for developers, like the maint-guide, but also the
  >debian tutorial, partly) I would like to the CVS server.
  >	Also, I would like to start looking how we could provide essily both
  >the original documents and the translations (like we do with the Debian
  >server). I plan to try to do this during the summer since from September
  >onward I will be on military service for 9 months, that is, no work for
  >Debian (unless I get access to a technical department).

Please follow the instructions on http://www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp/cvs.html 
about giving me a login/password pair. If you get it to me before the end
of Sunday you can be added straight away; otherwise I won't be able to deal
with it until next weekend.

Any volunteers to take over the co-ordinator role?  I'm currently working
away from home for several weeks at a stretch and I really can't take any 
active part at the moment.

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