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Re: Where are detailed potato release notes?

     Adam, I will continue with the Release-Notes unless you can find
someone who is more knowledgeable about Debian than I (easy to find),
and who wants the job.

     In my message to you yesterday, I said that I thought it was time
to make a general appeal to the developers for information about
changes to the distribution for the Release-Notes.  I suggested then
that an announcement might be lost in the noise on -devel, and that it
might be better to use -devel-announce.  What do you think?

> > Another alternative, if it is too much work to maintain detailed
> > things like this so long before the release: have any requests
> such as
> > mine pointing to http://www.debian.org/~<maintainer>/<package> and
> > have the maintainer deal with the info themselves at this stage.
> > 
> > How does that sound?
> Well, generally, I would think /usr/doc/<package>/README.Debian, or
> even /usr/doc/<package>/README.Debian_upgrading would be more to the
> point.
> If it's really something that people need to be aware of when
> upgrading, that is, really something very significant, it should be
> added to the release notes proper.

     I would suggest that all developers send anything _they_ think
belongs in the Release-Notes to me, and I will start adding them to
the Release-Notes as they accumulate.  I can edit or just drop
anything that is too detailed, or doesn't warrant being in the

     Will you fork the cvs boot-floppies/documentation tree?  I would
prefer to start the potato Release-Notes from my last version of the
slink notes, and go from there.

     While we were working on the slink notes, you copied most
correspondence to the -boot list, but now you are on -doc.  Which is
most appropriate for the potato Release-Notes?  I am now subscribed to
both, but would like to cut back on some of my lists.

     I like Julian's listing of "cases", and will include this, or a
summary of it in my request for submittals from the developers.

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