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re: XML Interface

  I'm forwarding this to the debian-doc group which deals with these 
issues.  Please subscribe to their mailing list, and I'm sure they'll be 
able to help you further.  I'm cc:ing them in this mail.


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From: "Brian Hunt" <bmh@canada.com>
To: <press@debian.org>
Subject: XML Interface
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 13:25:46 -0000

(Please forward where appropriate.  With regard to the Integrated SGML


The support of SGML and XML in Debian Linux comes as a very pleasant, very
unexpected, surprise.  At this moment I am motivating several groups of
Linux developers, including XFree86, Samba, and Apache, to move their
configuration files to XML based from the current text-oriented type.

At the moment the lack of adequate tools and XML documentation keeps this
endeavor from moving ahead as fast as it might.  My first concern is
creating the tools necessary for an end user to take advantage of XML
configuration files.  Then porting all the current configuration sets to
XML.  This is not a trivial task, and the more members of development teams
working towards it, the faster it will be implemented.  My primary concern
is with the end user experience.

Please let me know how we can unify these common efforts.


Brian M. Hunt
Undergrad Research, AI & Theory
University of New Brunwsick
Fredericton, NB
email: bmh@canada.com

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