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Re: What is GNU?

On Sun, Mar 28, 1999 at 12:02:45AM -0500, Bob Olsen wrote:
> What is GNU or the GNU project?

This is best explained by the GNU project itself.  Please, visit
http://www.gnu.org/ . In short, the GNU project is a 1984-founded project
aiming to produce the GNU system, a free operating system with a Unixish
flavour.  Most of its original goals have been achieved, and the Debian
GNU/Linux system is an incarnation of the GNU system.

>  What is X?

X, or the X Windowing system, is a network-based (but workable in a single
system) graphics backend and windowing system. X is the most popular
graphical user interface (or GUI) subsystem on Unices.

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