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Re: dbootstrap

On Tuesday 23 March 1999, at 0 h 24, the keyboard of Jor-el <jorel@ibm.net> 

> 	Chapter 7 of the 'Installing Debian GNU/Linux' document talks
> about the install program dbootstrap. I have looked through the package
> files, and the CD's but have been unable to locate anything referencing
> dbootstrap. Does this program really exist, or has it been replaced by
> something else, or am I looking in the wrong place?

dbootstrap is the new name of the dinstall program in the boot-floppies. It 
has been renamed because there is another dinstall in Debian (the one which 
installs packages on the FTP server).

But the change was only partly done in 'slink'. It has just been completed for 
'potato'. So, when diging through 'slink' sources, expect to meet several 
dinstall which should be dbootstrap.

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