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new version of DebianDoc-SGML with important changes


I just uploaded a new version of the DebianDoc-SGML package for potato
to master.

The main new functionality consists of controlling the name of the
output files via command line options.  In the future this will also
be possible via corresponding so-called SGML Processing Instructions
in the SGML source files.  The following command line options are

  -b <basename>
  -t <topname>
  -e <extension>

The '-c' option turns on content-negotiation.  This means that the
output file name will contain an indication of the natural language of
the  document.  This indication is determined from the $LANG environment
variable and defaults to 'en'.  E.g., if $LANG = 'hr_HR' the indication
used will be 'hr'.

The last three options are used as follows for HTML (bash-like syntax
and with content-negotiation turned on):

    cnt = ".$(echo $LANG | cut -d'_' -f-1)"
    ext = ".${extension:-'html'}"

    if basename DOESN'T contain ANY '/' character:

        dir = "${basename}"

        directory = ${dir}${ext}
        topfile   = ${topname:-"index"}${cnt}${ext}
        chapters  = ${chapter-id}${cnt}${ext}
        footnotes = "footnotes"${cnt}${ext}

    elif basename DOES contain a '/' character:

        dir = "$(dirname ${basename})"
        pre = "$(basename ${basename})-"

        directory = ${dir}${ext}
        topfile   = ${pre}${topname:-"index"}${cnt}${ext}
        chapters  = ${pre}${chapter-id}${cnt}${ext}
        footnotes = ${pre}"footnotes"${cnt}${ext}

For the other formats the output file name becomes as follows (again
with content-negotiation turned on):


Further, the default extensions of the generated output files have
been changed and are now as follows:

    HTML    -> .html
    LaTeX2e -> .tex (was .latex2e)
    Lout    -> .lout
    Texinfo -> .texinfo
    Text    -> .txt (was .text)
    TextOV  -> .tov (was .textov)

    DVI     -> .dvi
    PS      -> .ps (irrespective of intermediate format)
    PDF     -> .pdf (idem)
    Info    -> .info

The names of the scripts generating these have stayed the same.  The
scripts now also provide a '-h' option to print the help message.

Note that all this is currently not documented properly in the manual
page or the DebianDoc-SGML Markup Manual.  This will be fixed in one
of the next versions.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: avrangel@flevonet.nl, ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://www.tip.nl/users/ardo.van.rangelrooij
PGP fp:     3B 1F 21 72 00 5C 3A 73  7F 72 DF D9 90 78 47 F9

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