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Re: debian manuals

"John Cuson" wrote:
  >could i suggest that someone write a section somewhere specifically on how t
      >o add a set of packages from a local directory using dselect or dpkg?  i
      >'m trying to work through that now, and the lack of an explicit treatmen
      >t is a bit of a hinderance.

Please post such messages to the debian-doc list rather than just to me
personally; they will then have a greater chance of being acted on!  I am
cc:ing this reply to the list.

To install a set of packages from a directory with dpkg (as superuser,
of course):

  cd directory
  dpkg -i package1.deb package2.deb ...

this may lead to some frustration with dependencies and having to fetch
other necessary packages.

To use dselect, I think you have to create a Packages file.  I have never
done this, so perhaps someone else might be able to give the procedure...

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