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Lost mail to adam@onshore.com? (on install manual)


on 12.1.99 I sent you a rather long mail about Installation
Manual. It included diffs for the first half of the doc, nothing
finished but puts my comments near the relevant place. Since
it was 18KB I sent it only to you, not any of the lists.
I have not heard back of you, nor noticed these in the doc
during next few days.

This has kept me in a state of confusion about how to proceed.

Should I expand on my comments and try to produce something
Should I go through the other half of the manual?
Should I consider it rejected and count it effort wasted?

If it was lost in transit or slyly hid in your mailbox unnoticed
I can resubmit it. In that case I can try to reproduce the diff
against current version.

I CC: this to debian-doc (the list I read) if your mail
address is infrequently read.


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