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Debian artwork/pictures and information for use in magazine article

Can someone from debian-doc please answer this?  I'm not sure how we stand 
on this issue, but I would imagine that it won't be a problem.  Can you 
point Robert to the right places please?

Thanks, Nils.

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From: "Robert Dyball" <rox@biss.com.au>
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Subject: Debian artwork/pictures and information for use in magazine article
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:23:09 +1100
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I have been writing a number of articles for an Australian Electronics
magazine, "Silicon Chip", http://www.siliconchip.com.au/ These have been
covering basic PC software and hardware troubleshooting and working up to
networking, firewalls, and a few more advance topics.

Silicon Chip have sales of 15000 (admittedly small compared to your US
magazines, but large for Australia), and are targeted to an audience ranging
from hobbyist to professionals in computers and electronics.

Over the next three months issues running around the topic of Linux.   The
first article was to be an introduction covering the major players, like
yourself, who have Linux packages available.  The second article is planned
to be covering installation along with some basic commands for people who
have damaged their brains on DOS for too long.  The third covering a little
more advanced topics, setting Linux up as a router, using it to share a
printer over a LAN and so forth.

If you were happy to authorize things, I'd like to include a picture say of
your box in the article.  This would help me to brighten the article up a
little, and although you have such a well known package, means some free
advertising for your product.

If this is OK, please tell me, do you have an FTP site where I can download
a suitable picture?   Or, do you have an Australian distributor who can help
here instead, if this is easier/faster for you?
Either a TIFF picture using LZW compression or an EPS picture using JPEG
compression (set to maximum quality) would be fine.  The magazine uses 266
dpi resolution pictures for the best results.   BTW, often these get a
little smaller ZIPPED up, despite already being compressed, so can help save
upload/downland time if sent as a Zip rather than as a RAW .TIFF or .EPS

There are 3 columns in the magazine, picture sizes are 57mm for 1 column,
120mm for 2 columns, or 181mm for a 3 column wide picture.   I'd think
depending on the picture, 2 or 3 columns size might be fine.

Please excuse me sending this to you, if you are not responsible for this,
though I'd appreciate if you would direct it to someone more appropriate, if
you are not.

thanks for your anticipated help,
Robert Dyball

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