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Re: DEB-HOWTO for the LDP

On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 11:28:50AM +0200, Arto Astala wrote:
> systems the FAQ should probably emphasize 'technical marketing' and
> tell why .deb is 'better than rpm'. Other valuable info would be how
---end quoted text---

Just a personal opinion to throw in here... I don't think we should
take the approach (when writing documentation at least) that a 
Debian product is better than any other.  We should not waste time
starting or participating in wars about who's software is better.
(Linux vs. Microsoft doesn't count in this) :)

I think we should approach it from a these are the features...this
is how easy it is.  This is why it's being done this way.  Here
are the pro's and here are the con's.  This would be welcomed by
people alot more than a ours is better approach.  

(not to say that is what you were exactly going for...but wanted
to make an opinion known)


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