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	Well, I was browsing the HOWTO directory while dumping some audio
CDs to HD ("backups" ;) my brother is moving out to live on his own and is
taking his CD collection with him), and found that theres is an RPM-HOWTO
detailing Redhat's package system and interface.
	I have recently written an article on the Debian package system
(generic, not going into much detail) for a spanish magazine (Linux Actual)
and I'm going to translate it to give it to another magazine (this one
online and called "openresources"), so I feel I could give it a try: write a
DEB-HOWTO for inclusion in the LDP proyect.

	I have looked through Debian's Documentation Project (quite a
change since I was last there) and have found there is quite some
documentation, but more oriented towards developers.

	What I would like to do is know if someone has thought of this
before.. and wether it's a good idea (I feel it could be similar to a
document with no author yet: How Software Producers can distribute their
products directly in .deb format).

	Thing that it would include:

- Deb package format internals ('ar' file)
- Contents of a debian package: {pre,post}int's, changelog's and program
- Debian package system vs other guys.
- Interface to installing packages: dpkg, overview of use..
- How to make a simple package (show 'hello' package and refer to debian
- Other interfaces: dselect, apt
- Future proyects in Debian: apt's GUI
- Inclusion of packages in the distribution

	Many of the areas overlap with things already written, alas, I would
target towards a more "commoner" audience (not developers) and show pointers
to info for those interested.

	¿What do you guys think of this?


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