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install.html suggestion (fwd)

not sure it's a useful suggestion, but anyway...

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Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 23:18:30 -0400
From: White Shadow <andres@fis.usb.ve>
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To: igor@debian.org
Subject: install.html suggestion
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Mr. Igor Grobman:

I would like first of all to give my compliments on the authoring of the
install.html file on the
www.debian.org site! it is very understandable, currently i'm moving
form w95 to Debian!!!, it came very handly endeed.

I live in Venezuela and i'm considering in creating a mirror site for
the debian team. But my idea is
still very young...

My suggestion is the following:

. There is on the market a program designed for w95 but runs fine on DOS
to repartition
your drive without any loss of data, the progran is called Partition
Magic 3.0 or 4.0 from PowerQuest.
I think it's another solution for the re-partitioning of the dirve(s).
Off course it is usefull only for
those persons who have access to it. But I think its worth in suggesting
this alternative.

PartitionMagic 3.0 is quite stabe it only gave an error 1 in 4 times i
used it and it wasen't so critical
i didn't loose information.

I hope my suggestion was usefull.
Best reguards to the Debian Team!, Andrew Sajo (andres@fis.usb.ve)

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