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Re: Debian Help Facility

This is not a specific answer, but one you might find generally more
fun and useful!

Install the dwww package.  This provides an HTML based front end to
all the documentation on your Debian system, including a general index
page.  With this installed, you can open up an xterm, and type dwww. 
It will call up Lynx, and parse all the man, info, .txt, etc. for you,
and give you a real scope of just how much info has been provided for
the new (and experienced) user.

Joe Bob says: "Check it out"...

---Lyno Sullivan <lynosull@freedomain.org> wrote:
> I am a GNU/Linux newbie and have been having trouble finding answers
> simple questions.  For example, I wanted to figure out how to view
> pages. I looked in /usr/doc/HTML.  I tried "man html" and "help
html".  I
> want to figure out how to answer my own questions but I keep wandering
> around and, undoubtedly, missing the obvious..
> First, let me step back and ask a more general question.  Let's say
> nothing really exists on the topic and I am willing to research the
> and writeup my findings and submit them into the Debian
documentation set.
> Where would such general information topics belong? help, man,
/usr/doc, ????
> What would be my process for contacting the right person so that I can
> contribute some newbie documents on general topics?  Is there a Debian
> Documentation Development team that I can join?  Is there a Debian
> Documentation Quality Assurance team that reviews these documents
prior to
> being officially published?
> Is there some documentation Search Engine that I have overlooked?
> And, the most basic question of all, where do I find the document that
> describes all the different documentation facilities and development
> infrastructure that exists?  Is there some one Documentation
> that I have simply missed?
> Thank you for any guidance you might provide.
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