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Re: Debian Help Facility

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Lyno Sullivan wrote:
> I am a GNU/Linux newbie and have been having trouble finding answers to
> simple questions.  For example, I wanted to figure out how to view html
> pages. I looked in /usr/doc/HTML.  I tried "man html" and "help html".  I
> want to figure out how to answer my own questions but I keep wandering
> around and, undoubtedly, missing the obvious..

Use Netscape or Lynx.
> What would be my process for contacting the right person so that I can
> contribute some newbie documents on general topics?  Is there a Debian
> Documentation Development team that I can join?  Is there a Debian
> Documentation Quality Assurance team that reviews these documents prior to
> being officially published?

You're on the list, I think that means you've joined. :-)
> Is there some documentation Search Engine that I have overlooked?
> And, the most basic question of all, where do I find the document that
> describes all the different documentation facilities and development
> infrastructure that exists?  Is there some one Documentation README.1st
> that I have simply missed?

There is a section of the tutorial that describes some of these things;


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