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installation instructions should warn about dselect


I belive item 3.2 "Information you need" of the installation instructions
should have a warning like that:

"We strongly recommend that the new user -- even the most experienced one
-- take a time to read the instructions to use dselect BEFORE using it for
the first time. It is a little bit tricky, but once you learn it you will
be able to use a very powerful tool and will avoid most of the problems
that new users have".

I know it says that we need the manual of cfdisk, dselect and hardware
compatibility. But a typical new user is someone that has good experience
with computers. 99% of them won't care about the manual of cfdisk and
won't look for the hardware manual before having a problem. The same holds
for the dselect manual. They will try to use the program first without
reading the manual. 

There is already a warning like that, but it is in the end of the dselect
manual! To far for an ansious new user.

Also I would the manual "Dselect documentation for new users" and not for
"beginners". "Beginners" suggests that people experience with computers or
unix don't need it.



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