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Re: Translation of Debian WWW Pages

> I hope this is the right list, anyway....
> I'm organizing a little team for translating Debian web pages, following
> the ``rules'' explained at http://www.debian.org/devel/HOWTO_translate.
> I'm not a Debian mantainer so I haven't write access to CVS (I suppose the
> problem is this).
> Do I have to become a Debian mantainer or I have to ask to someone to gain
> write access to CVS? 
The translations are just getting off the ground. The first one being worked
on is to French. The idea was to focus on one language first to work out the
best way to handle the CVS access. I was also hoping that since the first translation
would have to go through every (human generated) web page that they would find
areas for improvement. Making changes to the web pages will be more work after
the translations are done.

I am hoping that each language will have one coordinator that has write access.
If you are coordinating the Italian translation, then I'll give you access.

I am adding debian-www to the reply. Please move the discussion there.

Jay Treacy

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