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Translation of Debian WWW Pages

I hope this is the right list, anyway....

I'm organizing a little team for translating Debian web pages, following
the ``rules'' explained at http://www.debian.org/devel/HOWTO_translate.

I'm not a Debian mantainer so I haven't write access to CVS (I suppose the
problem is this).

Do I have to become a Debian mantainer or I have to ask to someone to gain
write access to CVS? 


Giovanni Bortolozzo   <borto at dei.unipd.it>  or   <borto at shineline.it>
     Key fingerprint = F8 42 1F 72 A2 9D 00 A4  86 B1 95 6E AE F7 0F AF
       *** ITALIAN DOCS 4 LINUX : http://www.pluto.linux.it/ildp ***

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