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Re^2: [SUMMARY] issues under contention in debian metadata

Am 11.07.98 schrieb apharris # burrito.onshore.com ...

Moin Adam!

APH> Ah, now, see, this is excellent.  It sounds like maybe you read some
APH> of the URN standards!

Yes, I#ve read some of the documents from the given URL at w3.org.

APH> the retrieval of the file, which the local URN2URL resolver (probably
APH> CGI) can use to redirect a user to where the document is.

As I#ve read the description URN could be something like

  (a) a DNS for the WWW
  (b) the rewrite module of apache

You have one server where you can add a unique key and the URL. And than  
you can use the key as a reference like the ISBN number. Right?

I think that this is no solution for our problems, because we must have a  
httpd and/or a running database to resolve the keys.

Again, I suggest to have a unique ID and a URL/local filename.

APH> You're right that this is a true URN scheme, and that it doesn't have
APH> *any* coupling with the locations of files/paths.

Of course it has a coupling in the urn2url resolver.

APH> I think we should offer both a 'file:' scheme and a 'urn:debiandoc:'
APH> scheme.  Maintainers who care can register URNs and maintain this
APH> registration.  Now the registration scheme and the resolver scheme
APH> would have to be worked out.  I think we'd need a local resovler and a
APH> central resolver.  Furthermore, I don't think URN2URL information
APH> should necessarily be transmitted to the local resolver by way of the
APH> docreg file. However, you're right, we could do it that way.  It would
APH> take some more thought...

I don#t think that we should have several solutions for one problem. The  
ID in my proposal is for local use only. As file: name you could use URL,  
local filenames or WWW URNs (at the moment there#s no standard?).


              <package name> <free>

  Identifier: doc-linux-html DistributionHOWTO
  URL: Distribution-HOWTO.html

  Identifier: DebianHomepage BugReport
  URL: http://www.debian.org/

  Identifier: DebianHomepage FTP
  URL: ftp://ftp.debian.org/

It think that this is a very clean and good solution.

APH> Indeed.  But I still think we do need an implicit, easy to use
APH> relative URL scheme.  Both you and I have workable schemes for this.

Well, I think that#s very easy to understand the scheme I#ve descriped in  
this mail. The URL field behaves like the URL in the HTML standard. You  
can have relative and absolute URLs.

cu, Marco

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