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Re^4: Debian Metadata Proposal -- draft rev.1.4

Am 07.07.98 schrieb olly # lfix.co.uk ...

Moin "Oliver!

"OE> This could be useful to an English administrator organising documents
"OE> whose text is in German.  The English title lets the administrator know
"OE> what documents he has provided in German translation.

If it#s a translation he will see the English title! For example, if you  
install the HOWTO in German, English, Spanish you will see the following  
in dhelp:

  Printing HOWTO - en, de, es
    Describes the installation of a printer ...

On a German system you will see:

  Drucker HOWTO - en, de, es
     Beschreibt die Installation eines Druckers

And there#s always a English description of the content in control.

cu, Marco

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