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Re: Need a non-programming volunteer


I don't know how to use cvs, but I don't know that this should be
necessary. Maybe the doc team needs to decide who will make the changes. I
was thinking that I would send comments to authors, but ultimately it is
up to the author to decide whether they agree or not to make these
changes. If authors prefer for me to send them a modified doc, I could
also do that.


On 30 Jun 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:

> Thalia, do you know how to use cvs and how to make a diff?
> Oliver, I think we're going to need a web page about how to contribute
> to the DDP.  I think, however, asking all editors to check out stuff
> from CVS is not really necessary, if they can download the files from
> a web page with is refreshed live out of CVS.

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