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Re: Re^2: some suggestions for docreg

On Fri, May 01, 1998 at 04:46:00PM +0100, Marco Budde wrote:
> Am 30.04.98 schrieb Marcus.Brinkmann # ruhr-uni-bochum.de ...
> Moin Marcus!
> MB> Yes, a difficult matter. Do we need a different DocID for every
> MB> translation, or do we use the same DocID and distinguish via Language:
> A good question. If we use the first solution, dhelp doesn#t need the  
> DocID tag.

I agree with Adam that language is just another format of the very same
Document. I don't know how this can be expressed in the docreg-format
> MB> entry? Translations should be recognized as such, so the DocID should be
> MB> the same?
> Take for example the German HOWTOs. Some a really a translation of the  
> English one, but some includes additional material. I think, the DocID  
> shouldn#t be the same.

The documents should be merged back to the same content, or they should be
diverged to two completely different documents. If the extensions are only
language specific, there is no problem.

> MB> I don't understand this. The unique mark is the DocID, maybe this should
> MB> be used? Maybe I'm missing your point here...
> You#re right. The second solution is to refer to the DocID of the English  
> one. Or you can refer to the title of the English one. But there#s maybe a  
> problem, if there#s no English version of the text (for example only  
> French and German).

Refering to the title is suboptimal. The Doc ID is the only entry that is
granted to be unique.
> MB> > * "File: http://"; is the sign for an URL.
> MB> Do we allow external links?
> Yes, I think that is a good feature, for example we could include a link  
> to the bug tracking system.

Or to the Debian Home Page, as I suggested.

> MB> purpose of DDH from a simple (who said that ;) directory structure to a
> MB> default framework of sections and (one?, two??) default entries, like the
> MB> following:
> I don#t understand that.

It was just that I will not only have section registrations in the ddh, but
also a url entry for the Debian Home Page.
> MB> Format: html
> No, this should be something like html-link.

I like "url" more (see Adam).

> MB> Language: en
> Not necessary (default).

I prefer to mention it, even if it is the default.

> MB> You obviously forgot "Title:".
> I haven#t forgotten it:
>   Section: FAQ
>   Abstract: Frequently Asked Questions
> Do you really think, that we should have Abstract and Title for  
> directories? I don#t know.

Yes, I am sure that we need Title and Abstract. We already agreed that
newbies can switch on abstracts, and profs can live without them.

> MB> Again, "Title:" is missing. I don't like the "File:" format for links.
> Ok, we could use DirLink:?

Well, maybe I've changed my mind. I'm not sure about this, mabye I don't

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