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some suggestions for docreg


Here#re some suggestions for our docreg file format:

* If we use the doc-base format as basis, we should rename "Document: " to
  something like "DocID: ".

* It should be possibly to register several documents in one file.
  "DocID: " should start a new document in the file.

* We should rename "Files: " to "File: ", because it#s only one file.

* Only one "Format: " entry/document should be allowed; the newline
  between Section and Format should be removed, because the newline
  is a sign for a the next document.

* "Language: "

* "Title_eng: " (maybe we can find a better name). This tag is necessary
  for international documents, because the filename and the title is not
  enough to find the translation of for example the "Printing HOWTO". This
  document is called "Drucker HOWTO" in German and has got another file

     Section: HOWTO
     Title: Printing HOWTO
     File: printing-howto.html

     Section: HOWTO
     Title: Drucker HOWTO
     Title_eng: Printing HOWTO
     File: DE-Drucker-HOWTO.html

* "Index: " should be renamed to "File: ".

* "File: http://"; is the sign for an URL.

* "Format: dir" is the sign for a directory description. The following
   tags are allowed:

       Format: dir
       Language: de, es, ...
       Section: HOWTO/mini (only one entry is allowed!)

* "Format: link" is the sign for a link to a directory:

       Format: link
       File: @../HOWTO
       Section: devel/foo

cu, Marco

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Mailbox: mbudde@hqsys.antar.com    http://www.tu-harburg.de/~semb2204/

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